2019 Moment Maker Tip #1

We are two weeks away from our own qualifier competition. Our team wants to take this time to share our “Moment Maker” tips for this year with other teams to help them prepare for their own competitions. We will be sharing multiple tips throughout the next two weeks. During this time, we will take a break from our normal blog posts, so that our team can focus on preparing ourselves for our own competition. Good luck to all the teams! We will still be reading our “contact us” page, if you have any questions or comments for us.

The best part of tournaments is being able to share all of your hard work with other teams and the community! Remember to have fun sharing all you've learned! Take the time to talk to other teams to learn about their accomplishments, too!

FLL: Remember the 12” Ceiling in Base


We attended our qualifier competition last week! We had a great time and made a lot of good friends. We want to pass on an experience some teams faced there. Some teams forgot the 12 inch ceiling in base during launch and had to quickly redesign their robot/attachments. We were sad for them that they could not run all of the mission runs they had planned, but we were very impressed with their determination and quick-thinking in getting their robots under the 12 inch ceiling, so that the refs could allow them to launch from base.

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