The Moment Makers FTC 19502 – POWERPLAY


TX-Houston South East League 1st place Inspire

TX-Houston South East League Winning Alliance Captain

TX-Houston East Regional Championship Winning Alliance 1st Team Selected

Texas-Houston East Regional Championship 1st place Connect award

Texas-Houston East Regional Championship 2nd place Design award

Win-Loss-Tie 31-4-0 (as of TX-Houston Regional Championship)
TX-Houston Regional Championship Rank 4
TX-Houston SE League Rank 1
Top alliance score 234 points
Top FTCstats OPR 122.1 points
Top practice solo score 150 points
Average cones scored in Driver Control 15 cones
Autonomous 35 points (+15 additional points in Driver Control)


100% consistent in competition

*NEW* Can quickly pick up tipped cones!

FTC events:

Orange Alliance:


Texas-Houston Regional Championship