1st Place Inspire and Winning Alliance Captain!

POWERPLAY League Tournament Match

Our FTC team 19502 finished off our league play for the Houston Southeast League with our tournament on Saturday. We were so excited to be awarded the 1st place Inspire award, as well as being the Winning Alliance Captain for the league in the playoff matches. We are moving on to the Houston Regional Championship this coming Saturday! We look forward to meeting teams from all around the Houston region.

Please see our page about our stats. We will be posting a video of our robot in action soon.

Robot Game: Field Kit Tips

We created a video talking about the CARGO CONNECT robot game field kit with some building tips (if your team has not started building it yet), along with some build aspects to check for on every mission model to prevent your team from running into issues with incorrectly built mission models. Some of these are checks that your team may need to do all season long. In order to program your robot to be successful, your team needs to start with an error-free robot game field, and this video will help you achieve that!

More CARGO CONNECT resources at CARGO CONNECT™ Resources

Innovation Project: Building Problem Solvers

We created a video on the Innovation Project and how it can help build your team into problem solvers. We will walk teams through what is involved in the Innovation Project from identifying a problem, designing a solution, creating a prototype, sharing and iterating your solution, and communicating your work with others.

More CARGO CONNECT resources at CARGO CONNECT™ Resources