LEGO Inspiration: 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate


In LEGO Inspiration today, we will show you what we found interesting in Star Wars LEGO set number 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate.



We found it cool that the support pieces that we like to call “crabs” aren’t just something our team uses to keep our robots together. This “crab” is being used to connect the inside of the vessel to the front gun turrets.

Redirecting Movement

In this set, LEGO uses gears to redirect movement from the axle in the center to the wings on the sides. By turning the axle in the center, it moves the wings to open them for flight and close them for landing.

Wings closed…


Wings opened…


The axle in the center turns a black double-beveled gear inside the ship structure. That gear turns a beige single-beveled gear at a 90 degree angle (trans-axle can be turned).


On the ends of the axle going through the single-beveled gear there are two 4-toothed gears. These 4-toothed gears turn another 4-toothed gear at a right angle. The second 4-toothed gear’s axle is attached to a wing, allowing it to turn. Such is the same on both sides of the vessel.


Here is another view of the gearing.


Use of Friction Connectors for Resistance


As we said in our connectors article, you can sometimes use friction connectors to give the contraption resistance (this is a rebellion, isn’t it?). In this set the friction connector is being used to keep the wings in the back from swinging back in while the ship is “flying.”


For more information about friction and friction-less connectors and crabs, check out our connectors article and our crabs, couches, and armchairs article.

We hope you learned a lot. Thank you for reading our article!

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