New Pieces Found in SUPERPOWERED Field Kit


FIRST LEGO League SUPERPOWERED launched on August 2, along with the Mission Model Building Instructions! When building our models for the SUPERPOWERED field kit, our team found some neat relatively new LEGO Technic pieces that will be a great resource for using in your LEGO Technic builds, whether for FLL robots or for your own projects! Check them out, learn part numbers, and find out how to purchase more of these exciting pieces.

Parts 71710 and 73507: Beam “Modules”


These new 15-long and 11-long beam “module” pieces look much like both sides of the largest LEGO Technic rectangle, as shown below. The alternating rotation of the holes on these beams will help greatly in supporting different mechanisms and will help with making things easier to attach. One of the hardest things for new LEGO Technic builders is figuring out how to build in different directions. The Technic rectangle pieces have been a favorite of FLL teams for accomplishing this while making sturdy and reliable robots. We are so excited about these 15-long and 11-long beam “module” pieces for teams and other robot builders!


These newer beams actually came out in 2021 in various HUGE and extremely expensive sets (such as the Cat D11 Bulldozer, Off-Road Buggy, Star Wars AT-AT, and more). It is great that LEGO has made these beam “modules” more available by putting it into the SUPERPOWERED field kit! You can buy these pieces individually directly from LEGO (from the Pick-a-Brick on their site): 71710 (15-long) for currently 75¢ each and 73507 (11-long) for currently 65¢ each. You could also purchase these pieces from other retail sites.

Parts 80286 and 71708: “Shell” Beams


The larger “shell” piece (80286) is a very similar size to the half beam 3×5 quarter ellipse piece (32250 / 65714), except the new piece is 2×5 and a full beams height. Notice the axle hole in the corner.


The smaller “shell” beam piece is 2×3 and is similar to the half beam 3×3 90° curve piece (32249 / 65125).

These newer beams also came out in 2021, but they were also still only in large, expensive sets. You can buy the smaller “shell” piece (71708) directly from LEGO, but unfortunately, the larger piece (80286) is not currently sold directly by LEGO individually. Keep watching LEGO Pick-a-Brick for them to be added. You could also purchase these pieces from other retail sites.

We hope you have fun and upgrade your awesome LEGO Technic builds with these newer pieces!