LEGO Inspiration: 41237 Batgirl Secret Bunker


In LEGO Inspiration today, we will show you what we found interesting in DC Super Hero Girls LEGO set number 41237 Batgirl Secret Bunker.

For many LEGO sets we took for granted the Technic elements within them. We decided to look back at some of these sets and show you the things we thought might help in your building efforts. We can learn a lot from LEGO Master Builders!

This set is really cool. So many parts are moveable by using Technic. We will go through the set, section by section.

The Bat Mobile: Friction Connectors Help


The Bat Mobile has many small details, including the jail area in the back and the wings that go up and down, but what you may not realize is that friction connectors are being used.


One example would be the wheels. The grey connectors without friction attach to the purple wheels and allow them to freely spin. The wheels can move up from the driving position to pretending the car can fly. It does this thanks to four two-long black friction connectors.


Another example would be the wings on the Bat Mobile. The wings use a friction connector/cross-axle connector to attach.


The reason LEGO used friction connectors for these examples is so that these elements will stay in place after they are moved.

Garage: Axles for Rotation and Beam for Support


Next we are going to talk about the garage. The Bat Bunker has a little gateway entrance so that the Bat Mobile can get in the Bunker and so villains will stay out. There is a small steering wheel piece at the back of the set that can turn. This wheel turns an axle that is connected to the gate.


This set also uses a cool way to make your structure sturdier. It uses a beam to reinforce the wall by connecting the beam to special bricks with half-long connectors sticking out of them.

The Punching Bag: Friction-less Connector and Axles Through Holes for Rotation


There is a punching bag in the bunker so that Batgirl can relieve anger and work out. The punching bag can swing side to side thanks to a blue friction-less connector with knob. The punching bag assembly is also attached to an axle. Turning this axle allows you to aim the periscope on top.

The Door Entrance: Lever to Open Door


Finally, this set uses a lever to move the the light purple door up. This lever is connected by a tan friction-less three-long connector to bricks with connector holes in them. The light grey angle-element attaches to the two lever arms, making the action of raising the door easy. As you push down on the dark tan axle arm, the grey arm raises the purple door.

For more information about friction and friction-less connectors, check out our connectors article.

We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed our post. Thank you!!!