LEGO Inspiration: 42031 Cherry Picker

mr.cherrypicker intro

In LEGO Inspiration today, we will show you what we found interesting in LEGO Technic set number 42031 Cherry Picker.

LEGO Technic set number 42031 Cherry Picker, or as we like to call ours, Mr. Cherry Picker, has many neat things about him like, non-friction connectors and a worm gear. He also has the things that we as a team made interesting about him, like his personality. Mr. Cherry Picker sometimes drives around the field mat while we program and he cheers us on while the robot is running with his crane held high so that his teddy bear can see.

Worm Gear

The absolute coolest part about him (besides his personality) is probably the worm gear (a worm gear is a gear that is shaped like a screw with it’s teeth spiraling around it). As you turn the black gear in the back of the crane the worm gear turns, which is slowly turning the gray gear above it making the crane up or down (depending on the way you turn the black gear).

worm gear

Crane halfway up…

worm gear turn 2

Crane down…

worm gear turn 1

Another thing that is really cool is that worm gear can turn the gray gear but the gray gear cannot turn the worm gear. This is useful when you want to hold an object with some weight or push something with some force. The drawback is that the worm gear is incredibly slow, but with that slowness comes its power. We find the worm gear very helpful in getting FLL missions accomplished.

Use of Frictionless Connectors

Mr. Cherry Picker uses tan three-long friction-less connectors to connect his wheels to allow the wheels to spin freely.


Thank you for reading this article! We hope you enjoyed it!

mr.cherrypicker ending