Crabs, Couches, and Armchairs: Building Pieces for Extra Support

crab intro

When you are building with LEGO Technic, sometimes you need extra supporting pieces on beams to keep your model from falling apart when you handle it. This is especially important for LEGO robots used for competition. We thought up some ways over the past three years to help with this problem. We will share some of those in this blog post.

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LEGO Inspiration: 41237 Batgirl Secret Bunker


In LEGO Inspiration today, we will show you what we found interesting in DC Super Hero Girls LEGO set number 41237 Batgirl Secret Bunker.

For many LEGO sets we took for granted the Technic elements within them. We decided to look back at some of these sets and show you the things we thought might help in your building efforts. We can learn a lot from LEGO Master Builders!

This set is really cool. So many parts are moveable by using Technic. We will go through the set, section by section.

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The Extra Beam!


LEGO is pretty generous. In all of their sets, they have some extra pieces that are left over after following building instructions, but LEGO only gives you very small extra pieces, like studs, connectors, half bushes, etc. LEGO almost never gives you large extra pieces. If you have a large piece left over after building a set, check through the instructions again to see if you missed putting that piece in the model as part of the steps. In recent LEGO sets, each step has an inventory listed for the step. To avoid leaving pieces out while we build, we like to find the pieces for each step and make sure we use them all before moving on. When we have a large piece like a full brick or beam left over, we scan the inventory listed for each step to look for the type/color of piece we have left over. Usually, we find the step we overlooked that piece. It has happened to us many times in different LEGO sets we build.

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Hi! We are The Moment Makers, an all-girl FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team. In the spirit of coopertition, we made this website to give back to the community. We will be posting information on how to build with LEGO Technic in a sturdy way and how to build functioning machines. We will also share EV3 programming advice and Moment Maker Tips to help teams get ready for FLL competitions.

Our team has been around since 2016. When we started, other teams helped us learn the basics of building and programming. Since then we have wanted to make our own website to help other teams by sharing problems we had and things that we learned. We are thrilled to be able to finally start our own website on our third year of FLL. We hope you learn a lot from our posts!

Our articles are written by one or more students on our team. As kids, we want to protect our privacy and will list all articles as written by “amomentmaker.”

Opinions of The Moment Makers are our own. We are not affiliated with and do not represent LEGO, LEGO Education, FIRST, or FIRST LEGO League.